The right light

Progetto-Luce stands out for the development of specific and niche products and the creation of customized lighting bodies, developing the best technical and lighting solutions with customers.

Our production guarantees high standards of reliability and certification but also gives you customers the possibility of having specific, technical and unique products.

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we use the latest technologies for optimal product enhancement



high standards of reliability and certifications for specific, technical and unique products


wide choice

the collaboration with the designers has led us to have a very varied product catalog


Light in movement

Progetto-Luce offers a wide range of technical solutions, of which the flagship series are Strobo Led and Rotor Led, which give the products precious reflections, making the showcase dynamic, capturing the eyes with a continuous shine.

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Our flexibility allows the professional to be able to realize all his ideas with us.

Laser cutting

Thanks to the latest machinery we are able to customize many of our products on request.


Possibility for the customer to choose between dozens of different colors (RAL table).


The electronics we designed are tested with electrical and stress tests.


The assembly takes place on automatic machines and guarantees absolute reliability.

After sale service

For the resolution of any problem we generally replace the defective part.


Tailor-made solutions

In recent years, Progetto-Luce has developed new technologies that enable the best use and sale in areas not served until now with specific products such as jewelleries, museums, sacred art and high fashion.

The enhancement, besides the design of the products, comes from the type of LEDs used, specific for each sector and for each need and from their technology.

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